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Distributed RTU™ Network

Wireless Distributed Architecture
for RTUs and Flow Computers

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Next Generation Flow Computers

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Control Systems | SCADA, RTU & Flow Computers

Emerson has a an extensive suite of SCADA solutions, including next generation flow computers, smart RTU’s, custody transfer solutions, and comprehensive SCADA host capabilities. Our RTU’s are used extensively in complex, highly distributed oil/gas and water treatment applications. Our RTU’s are smart, easy to program and have advanced libraries for AGA & ISO calculations. We also support full field level diagnostics, to the device level, using standard HART and WirelessHART protocols. We can also support numerous forms of wired , radio based, microwave, cell tower and other forms of high and low speed communications to suit your demanding applications.

RTU & Flow Computers


ROC ROC800-Series Remote Operations Controller: Combines the power of the ROC800-Series Remote Operation Controllers with the application software needed to measure and control the flow of liquid hydrocarbons and gas

ROC DL8000 Preset Controller: Based on the popular and high performing ROC800- Series remote operations controller. This new design delivers accurate measurement and reliable control, local or remote, via Ethernet or serial (Modbus) communications



FloBoss™ S600+ Flow Computer: A high end panel mount flow computer suitable for fiscal and custody transfer applications. This maximum-performance flow computer ably handles ten gas or liquid meter runs, with power and flexibility to allow it handle much more

FloBoss™ 107 Flow Manager: Perfect for a single or multi-run flow computer or few or many I/O points. It is the ideal measurement solution for many natural gas applications

FloBoss™ 104 Flow Manager: A high-performance, compact, single-run flow computer for fiscal metering of natural gas when used with pulse-generating devices, such as rotary or turbine meters

FloBoss™ 103 Flow Manager: A cost-effective, single-run flow computer for differential-pressure metering of natural gas. The FloBoss 103 is housed in a compact enclosure designed for Class I Division 1 hazardous areas



ControlWave® PAC – Process Automation Controller: A highly-adaptable, high-performance controller with exceptional networking capability for local plant and remote control applications

ControlWave® Micro - Hybrid RTU/PLC: A cost-effective, space-efficient, low power consumption package required by small to mid-sized applications

ControlWave® Express – SCADA RTU/PLC: A compact, yet powerful RTU with exceptionally low power consumption for remote site SCADA applications

ControlWave® Ethernet Remote I/O: These modules are the ideal solution to the ever-increasing demand for distributed I/O architectures, while minimizing installation cost

ControlWave® CPU Conversion Kits for Bristol Network 3000 Products: The new CW_10 and CW_30 CPU conversion kits offer a cost-effective upgrade path to the ControlWave architecture for existing Bristol 3310 and 3330 systems

ControlWave® XFC Flow Computer: Designed for those installations which use explosion-proof equipment. The XFC provides measurement and control for single and dual metering and control applications.

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RTU/Flow Computer Configuration Tools


Field Tools: An integrated software toolkit that empowers oil and gas field technicians to configure, diagnose, and program assets locally in the field to optimize field time, reduce installation cost, and increase operating efficiency

OpenBSI Utilities Suite: These packages offer the optimum functionality to technicians, engineers and operators when using ControlWave and Bristol RTU, Flow Computer and 3808 transmitter product



ROC ROCLINK™ 800 Configuration Software: For Remote Operations Controller and FloBoss Flow Manager products.

ROC DS800 Development Suite: Designed for both FloBoss Flow Computers and ROC800- Series increases ease of use and functionality with IEC61131-3 graphical programming language



ControlWave® Designer: A fully IEC 61131-3 compliant programming package for configuration of continuous and discrete control applications for Bristol RTU, Flow Computer product



Config 600® Configuration Software for the FloBoss™ S600+: The Config600 Configuration Software suite provides the tools to configure FloBoss S600+ Flow Managers

SCADA System


OpenEnterprise™ V3 SCADA System: The latest release of Emerson’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) solution, which targets the requirements of the global Oil & Gas production, transmission, and distribution industries. It has been developed to meet current industry requirements and standards, and incorporates Emerson’s experience with previous generations of SCADA over the last 40 years



Ovation™ SCADA System: The Ovation™ Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Communication Server allows important information from SCADA remote terminal units to be readily available to the control system and the desktops of supervisors and managers throughout the organization — enabling them to make faster, more effective decisions

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