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Reliability consulting engineers are dedicated to improving our clients’ financial and business performance through effective Enterprise Asset Management. We design and implement innovative reliability solutions such as optimized maintenance strategies, improved business processes, enhanced data integrity and targeted training. Our solutions are business case driven and enabled by proprietary software and other intellectual property.

Accelerators & Intellectual Property


The Reliability Game®
It is hard for anyone to accept a new and unfamiliar approach to an activity they have already mastered. Getting many people to change at once is an even greater challenge. The Reliability Game® lowers resistance to change by letting people experience the transition to a new, proactive environment. Players learn to “follow the money” to proactive behavior and cooperation. They often take away enthusiasm for a better way to work

MRO Inventory Optimization Powered by WebRUSL 3.1®
WebRUSL® is a web-based inventory management tool for determining reorder levels for new and established MRO inventory to prevent non-productive overstocks and eliminate risky understocks. Accurate reorder levels for these spare parts are crucial to optimizing parts cost, maintaining operations and minimizing operational risk. Get started with our no cost, no obligation Minimum Benefit Analysis that demonstrates how much can be saved within MRO inventory. It frames the opportunity to optimize MRO Inventory and possibly fund improvement projects with the savings

EAM Booster Packs™
EAM BOOSTER PACKS™ are the result of decades of reliability engineering and maintenance practice improvement projects. Our tools assist in building the foundation you need to help you achieve EAM Best Practices. Delivered independently or through Catapult®, the solutions include: „
• Failure Mode and Effects (FMEA) Templates
• PM Job Plans
• Failure Hierarchies
• MRO Item Records

Catapult® backed reliabilityy programs and CMMS/EAM implementations are scalable, efficient and include a path to optimization starting with data integrity. Without assessing the quality of the data, loading it into a new system perpetuates the errors and dilutes the benefits of the systems’ functionality. Catapult® provides the means to organize the data from all sources into one meaningful and useable program. Catapult augments any CMMS or EAM system by enabling standardization of master data and optimization of reliability strategies in an independent modeling environment (a.k.a. a sandbox) before they are loaded into the work management system. It also creates a platform for launching and maintaining reliability standards that can be applied to standardized master data from an asset to an enterprise

Maintenance & Reliability Implementation


Business Case for Reliability Workshop
Looking to Understand the Business Reasons for Implementing Reliability? In one day, the Business Case for Reliability Workshop establishes the benefits to you of adopting a reliability-based approach to maintenance. We understand that in addition to your day-to-day responsibilities, many initiatives compete for your resources. This business case workshop shows you how reliability reduces your day-to-day burden and supports a host of other improvement initiatives

Reliability Discovery Visit
The Discovery Visit is a two to three day on- site evaluation of your maintenance and reliability (M&R) program. It provides a valuable opportunity to:
• Explore the level of “business fit” between the companies
• Evaluation by a third party expert on the status of your current M&R practices, processes and procedures
• Educate part of your organization on M&R best practices

Maintenance and Reliability Readiness™
New assets need to operate at designed capacity, but history tells us that this generally doesn’t happen, resulting in significant underperformance relative to investment plans during the first few years of operations. In fact, some plants never achieve the designed capacity due to lack of reliable assets. ReadyPlant handles the cross over from Design, Construction and Commissioning to Operation of New Assets. It is a comprehensive Reliability Readiness project plan that integrates with capital projects and delivers top tier asset reliability performance

Materials Management Discovery Visit
The desired results of a Maintenance Materials Management program are accelerated with Emerson’s Materials Management Discovery Visit. We will provide valuable insight into your Materials Management practices and provide ideas and solutions to help you become more effective and efficient

Reliability ROADMAP™
The journey to a proactive maintenance model involves people from all levels of the organization. It is critical that the Reliability Roadmap be accepted and supported by all stakeholders. This is your reliability plan

PM/PdM Optimization Services
Looking to develop or optimize your PM or PdM program?
The quality of a preventative maintenance (PM) plan can make or break a reliability program. Unfortunately, most PM programs are burdensome and may do more harm than good. We use proven quantitative techniques for PM development and failure-based techniques for integrating predictive maintenance (PdM) technologies

Reliability Engineering
EAM implementation is not an option for every organization but asset health improvement should still be a priority. We have a full range of Reliability Engineering offerings that can be tailored to your needs, including:

• RCM analysis (JA1011 and JA1012 compliant)
• Root-cause failure analysis
• Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)
• Criticality analysis
• Maintenance task development (e.g. condition monitoring technology assignment
• PM optimization

Data Integrity Services
Robust, enterprise systems are common in corporations today. But they typically do not house data that is consistently, thoroughly and accurately developed, managed and sustained, creating one of the biggest challenges affecting all industries today: Information is not readily available at a managerial and executive level. Emerson solves this problem for EAM

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