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Unique Extensible Bank Frame Designed
to Stop the Propagation of Flame

Varec Series 5000/5010 Flame Arresters

Varec Series 5000/5010 Flame Arresters

Varec Series 5000/5010 Flame Arresters

Group ‘D’ end-of-line flame arresters with a unique extensible bank frame designed to stop the propagation of flame from external sources.

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  • Models available for vertical or horizontal configurations.
  • Heavy wall cast housing in 356 T6 aluminum, carbon steel or 316 stainless steel.
  • Net free area through banks three to four times the unit pipe size, resulting in increased flow capacity with minimal pressure drop.
  • Bank’s large surface area improves heat dissipation.
  • Removable cover plate and extensible bank assembly for easy inspection, cleaning or replacement.
  • Unitized housing does not require support for proper bank alignment during maintenance.
  • ‘Off-set’ housing design ensures flow capacity unaffected by condensate accumulation, even when installed in horizontal piping.
  • 5010 Series ½” NPT drain plug at the low point is located conveniently for routine draining*.
  • UL approved
  • A Varec drip trap should be specified for field installation at this connection to provide for safe removal of condensate.

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