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Offers Multiple Overpressure Protection Options

Fisher CS800 Series Regulators

Fisher CS800 Series Regulators

Fisher CS800 Series Regulators

Fisher CS800 Series direct-operated, spring-loaded regulators provide pressure-reducing applications for commercial and light industrial installations. This flexibility is provided by the numerous body sizes and end connections, outlet pressure settings, orifice sizes, as well as the option for internal or external pressure registration. In addition to application flexibility, the CS800 Series offers multiple overpressure protection options to meet your demands on application requirements.

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  • Flow Optimized Disks provide the Maximum Flow for your Application
  • Largest number of Overpressure Protection Offerings in the Industry
  • Wide Variety of Body Sizes and End Connections
  • Body Materials Available in Gray Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and Steel
  • Fixed Factor/Pressure Factor Measurement (PFM) Accuracy Capabilities
  • Only Standard Tools required for Pressure Adjustment and Orifice Removal
  • Simplified Maintenance

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Body Sizes and End Connection Styles
1-1/4, 1-1/2, and 2 NPT
Rp 2
NPS 2 / DN 50 / CL125FF / CL150 FF / CL150 RF
NPS 2 / DN 50 / PN 10/16 / PN16

Maximum Allowable Inlet Pressure
Emergency: 175 psig / 12.1 bar

Maximum Outlet Control Pressure
Emergency (Casing): 15 psig / 1.0 bar
To Avoid Internal Parts Damage: 3 psig / 0.21 bar differential above outlet pressure setting

Orifice Sizes
1/4-inch / 6.4 mm
3/8-inch / 9.5 mm
1/2-inch / 13 mm
5/8-inch / 16 mm
3/4-inch / 19 mm
7/8-inch / 22 mm
1-inch / 25 mm
1-3/8-inches / 35 mm

Outlet Pressure Range
3.5-inches w.c. to 10 psig / 9 to 0.69 bar

Pressure Registration
Internal or External

External Registration Connection
3/4 NPT

Temperature Capabilities
-20 to 150°F / -30 to 66°C

Up to 36 270 SCFH / 974 Nm3/h

Approximate Weights Threaded:
CS85x, add 2#/0.91kg to Types above
Add 11#/5kg to weights above

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