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Electronic Logbooks

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Mimic – Fast, Easy, Flexible Dynamic
Simulation for Life-Cycle Results

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Operations Management

Lakeside helps you improve manufacturing execution to drive your production goals with the many Operations Management Systems we offer. Connect plant floor information with production data to drive decision-making and control costs with Emerson’s scalable, integrated, software modules that address resource management, operations optimization, integrated information, and quality & compliance requirements.

Optimize & Maintain

Optimize & Maintain Alarms

Alarms:  The core DeltaV system provides a superior level of visibility to active, inhibited and altered alarms. DeltaV system alarm operations and analytic applications are ready for use from the moment they are licensed, unlike general-purpose layered alarm management systems that require extra hardware and software to engineer and maintain.


Advanced Control

Advanced Control:  DeltaV™ Monitoring and Control Software uses standard IEC61131-3 control languages, as well as FOUNDATION™ fieldbus function blocks to support strategy development. The DeltaV system provides you with a real-time database where you can store third-party data for use anywhere within the DeltaV system. You can display, trend, alarm and even use it in control strategies. DeltaV Monitoring and Control Software features class-based configuration, advanced unit management and advanced control.


Process Simulation

DeltaV™ Simulate

DeltaV™ Simulate:  DeltaV™ Simulate lets you use all DeltaV software for training and development without purchasing duplicate control hardware and on-line system licenses. This means you can use exactly the same software provided with your actual DeltaV system at a fraction of the cost. With the simulate suite you can also explore features of the DeltaV system that you have not yet purchased.


Proces sSimulation

Process Simulation:  Mynah’s Mimic provides Fast, Easy, Flexible Dynamic Simulation for Life-Cycle Business Result.


Operations Management

Electronic Logbooks

Electronic Logbooks:  DeltaV™ Logbooks is a browser-based application used to capture electronic records of operator activity as well as plan and track operator tasks during a shift. With Logbooks, operators can record information about daily operations, view a prioritized task list, and access a shift change dashboard that includes shift status and summary reports. By storing information electronically, operators can easily access a historical knowledge base in order to make more informed decisions to keep the plant running safely and efficiently.


Syncade Document Management

Syncade Document Management:  Syncade’s Electronic Document Management system helps to reduce the complexity of managing documents by simplifying approvals and providing the ability to electronically search and report on your documents. By storing all documents electronically, you can reduce the paper footprint in your facility and improve the effeciency of managing document storage and retrieval.


Syncade Electronic Batch Records Management

Syncade Electronic Batch Records Management:  Syncade’s Electronic Batch Records, designed for the Life Sciences industry, helps manufacturers ensure product quality and safety through material identification and verification, guaranteeing product potency and purity is delivered right first time. Building your processes into Electronic Batch Records ensures operators deliver in line with your process requirements, making every operator your best operator.


Syncade Equipment Management

Syncade Equipment Management:  Syncade Equipment Management allows you to take your paper-based equipment log books online. Equipment activity is tracked electronically, providing an up-to-date view of equipment state and status. Equipment states can be tied into electronic batch records to provide real-time verification during production. System search functions can provide easy access to equipment data for operational review and compliance requirements.


Syncade Information Integration

Syncade Information Integration:  Information needed to make effective business decisions is hard to find. By integrating real-time plant-floor data with your business systems, you can work smarter to drive production goals. Coordinate critical functions like process control, manufacturing operations, ERP, LIMS, CMMS, and scheduling. Using Syncade standard connectors and interfaces minimizes support costs.


Syncade Weigh & Dispense / Materials Management

Syncade Weigh & Dispense / Materials Management:  Syncade Weigh & Dispense / Materials Management helps manufacturers track and verify inventory containers and work-in-progress (WIP) inventory. Materials can be tracked from warehouse or point of receipt through the entire manufacturing process (including your dispensary).The system handled raw, intermediate, and finished goods, enabling you to generate an accurate material genealogy at each stage of production. Material management can be tied into electronic batch records to provide real-time verification during production. System search functions can provide access to material data for operational review and compliance requirements.


Data Historians & Analytics


OSIsoft Plant-Wide & Enterprise Data Historian & Analytics

Collect: Interface to, and acquire data from a multitude of sources

Historize: Reliably archive, and serve large volumes of data. Scale to meet your growing business needs

Find: Organize and quickly locate your data to optimize business decisions

Analyze: Convert real-time data and events into actionable information. Measure and improve business performance

Deliver: Bring systems and people together by delivering the right information to the right place and the right time

Visualize: Gain a comprehensive view of your operational information with intuitive visuals

Energy Management Information System


Energy Management Information System: Fuel your bottom line with real-time insight into site energy performance

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