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The Valve Automation Center (VAC) Product Sales & Support now delivered through Lakeside Process Controls


Posted: October 19, 2017 - Mississauga, Ontario


Lakeside & Valve Automation Centre (VAC)


In August 2016, Emerson announced the planned purchase of Pentair’s Valves & Controls business. The combination of these acquired products and Emerson’s legacy brands forms Emerson’s new Final Control Group. Emerson’s Final Control is truly — All Valves Everywhere! Earlier this year, Emerson also announced that Lakeside and the Local Business Partner Network in North America would be the exclusive single integrated channel for all Final Control products, enabling customers the ability to entrust one entity with all of their valve needs.


To meet this objective and to best serve our customers, the valve teams at Lakeside Process Controls and The Valve Automation Center (VAC) are merging. As a result, VAC product sales and support will now be delivered to our customers through Lakeside Process Controls. With this change, we are pleased to announce that our VAC division in Guelph and Sarnia will focus specifically on Mechanical Services & Production. Focusing on the lifecycle of products and assets for our customers allows VAC and Lakeside to create, support and manage plant processes and equipment, in partnership. From this point forward will be your online source for all previous offerings.


Lakeside now offers a complete line of Control Valves, Regulators, Relief Valves, Isolation Valves and Actuators. We are also pleased to announce that we are your exclusive channel for the following Emerson acquired brands: Crosby, Anderson Greenwood, Keystone, Clarkson, Vanessa, KTM, Neotecha, Varec, Yarway, Kunkle, Sempell, Cash & Penberthy.


Lakeside and its VAC Division are dedicated to meeting all of your valve needs — All Valves Everywhere!




Final Control


Control Valves | Fisher, Baumann, Sempell, Neotecha 

• Sliding Stem Valves
• Rotary Valves
• Special Applications
• Digital Valve Controllers
• Pneumatic Controllers
• Electro-Pneumatic Positioners


Pressure Management | Fisher, Crosby, Anderson Greenwood, Enardo, Kunkle, Varec, BS&B

• Relief Valves
• Regulators
• Tank Protection
• Rupture Disks


Isolation Valves | Fisher, Keystone, Vanessa, Clarkson, KTM, Yarway, Sempell, Neotecha, Hancock

• Bufferfly Valves
• Triple Offset Valves
• Ball Valves
• Gate, Globe & Check Valves
• Knife Gate Valves
• Fuel Gas Isolation Valves
• Diaphragm Valves


Actuation Technologies | Bettis, Asco, EL-O-Matic, Keystone, EIM, Shafer, Biffi, Topworx, FieldQ, Rexa

• Pneumatic Actuators
• Electric Actuators
• Hydraulic Actuators
• Solenoids
• Switches
• Manual Overrides


Mechanical Services (VAC) Our Valve Service Team is dedicated to delivering reliable, quality and timely support for your Process Automation Assets, throughout their operating life from installation and commissioning, preventative maintenance and troubleshooting the repair of damaged or deteriorating equipment.



Lakeside Mechanical Services | Guelph
18 Airpark Place
Guelph, Ontario
N1L 1B2

Phone: 519.763.1451
Fax: 519.763.1886
Emergency Services 24/7: 1.888.977.4165



Lakeside Mechanical Services | Sarnia
234 Shamrock Street
Sarnia, Ontario
N7T 2S6

Emergency Services 24/7: 1.888.977.4165




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