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Lewis Van Kamp | Technical Sales Specialist, Measurement Instrumentation 

JULY 3, 2019

Lewis Van Kamp

A Solution to a Better and Sustainable Life

Measurement is an extremely important part of our lives and everything that surrounds us, be it the water that we drink, electricity in our households or a large-scale manufacturing unit, everything requires measurement. The device used for measuring these quantities are called measurement instrumentation.

Increasing demand for high-end systems, cost-effective and environmentally friendly operations, digitally enabled measurement, products and solutions has become the need of the hour.

As a leader in process instrumentation analytics, Lakeside Process Controls provides solutions for the toughest automation, safety and productivity challenges. Lakeside inspires customer success through decades of innovation and operating experience.

The analytical instruments can be extremely complex and maintenance intensive and the specific requirements of the measurement applications are not always known. Finding the most suitable method of measuring for each application can present a major challenge.


Lewis Van Kamp, Technical Sales Specialist, Measurement Instrumentation at Lakeside talks about the challenges in the industry and how Lakeside is working towards improving processes for its customers.


1. You have over two decades experience in instrumentation and process control engineering. What’s your experience before joining Lakeside?

 I started working as an Inside Sales Representative when I was fresh out of school and then became an outside Sales Manager for Rosemount Instruments. Back then, Rosemount and Fisher were still separate companies. Later, Lakeside, Fisher and Rosemount joined companies in Canada and that’s how I started working with Lakeside.


2. Can you describe your role as a Technical Sales Specialist for Lakeside?

I am the deep dive expert on liquid analytical and flame and gas. I work as a frontline sales person, positioned to help account managers on their pursuits. A large part of my job is to identify opportunities within the market and collect resources to make the sales process more efficient.

I also hold internal and external training sessions to help make the processes easier for our customers.


3. What can you tell us about liquid analytical measurement instrumentation?

Liquid analytical focuses a lot on measuring water quality, both in the process and residential. It also measures liquid chemical blending, reaction status and leak detection.

Water is a critical part of any process, even if it’s a dry product, removing of the water from that product is a critical part of the process. Making sure that the water is clean, and it returns to natural bodies in an environmentally friendly manner, is essential to our longevity and to the measurement unit as well.

“Now we have diagnostics within everything, and we can get better access to information to see what went wrong with the equipment. We have real time insights on when was it last used and how the issue can be resolved.”

4. What kind of challenges are your customers facing and how does Lakeside help to address those challenges?

Keeping up-to-date with regulations and technology is one of the biggest challenges we see. There is a continuous evolution of products in the market and Lakeside’s understanding and expertise in these areas help get the customer the most valuable solution for their applications.


5. What unique technology does Lakeside have in analytical measurement?

In liquid analytical measurement there is a unique technology which allows you to do relative measurements that makes leak detection easy and reliable. In flame and gas, we have wireless technology, which makes it easy to monitor to keep everyone safe in difficult to reach areas.


6. What gives Lakeside’s products an edge over its competitors?

It’s the product quality that gives us an edge and the people of course. Emerson has always led the race in new and innovative technologies and their applications. I recently worked on a project with a brewery with an issue that has plagued the industry since the beginning. With a $4500 solution and we were able to save the customer more than $1M dollars a year in lost time! This is all because Rosemount added a small feature on a transmitter, whose technology has existed for almost 200 years, and we recognized an opportunity to use it for this particular problem.


7. What are some of the day-to-day challenges that you face in your role and how do you overcome them?

I will not be a bottle neck in the work that I do. Customers use our equipment for its quality and support. We recognize that unscheduled down time is a leading cause of lost profits. For instance, you will not wait for an answer from me and we have 24/7 support to back it up.

It’s not just about selling the product anymore, it’s about ensuring that the product keeps working and there is around the clock support for any issues that arise.


8. What is the differences in process automation today compared and many years ago?

The information that’s available makes a big difference these days. It used to be just that if you characterise a piece of an equipment, then the only way you can detect if that equipment was not functioning properly was to take it out, bring it back to the lab, and run a few tests on it.

Now we have diagnostics within everything, and we can get better access to information to see what went wrong with the equipment. We have real time insights on when was it last used and how the issue can be resolved.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s all about sustainability now. The analytical products are really about keeping people safe and the environment healthy.





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