Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

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If your process plant is like most, it has some wireless sensors, but you could quickly add more to improve operations, cut energy use and enhance safety. Wireless sensors and networks can be used in a wide range of process measurements, usually at dramatically lower costs as compared to wired alternatives, with faster installation time and minimal disruption.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Plantweb Insight Applications

PlantWeb™ Insights: Analytic and application package providing strategic interpretation and monitoring of plant assets giving you real-time actionable information and insights about abnormal situations, asset state, asset health, energy costs, emissions loss, etc.

Corrosion & Erosion Monitoring

Permasense Corrosion & Erosion Monitoring Systems: Our non-intrusive systems use unique sensor technology and wireless data delivery to continuously monitor for metal loss from corrosion or erosion, and reliably deliver high integrity data from the most difficult environments.

Acoustic Transmitters

Rosemount 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitter with Steam Trap Monitor

Rosemount™ 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitter with Steam Trap Monitor: Featuring ultrasonic acoustic event detection that mounts externally, the Rosemount™ 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitter with Steam Trap Monitor offers a fast, cost effective installation. This device allows visibility into steam traps and pressure relief valves (PRVs) by accurately communicating acoustic level and temperature data as well as device data, event status and leak detection via the WirelessHART®network. The Steam Trap Monitor software option provides real-time information about steam trap conditions, energy usage and emissions.


Level Radars

Rosemount 3308 Wireless Level Transmitter-Guided Wave Radar

Rosemount 3308 Series (World’s First True Wireless Guided Wave Radar): WirelessHART level and interface transmitter enables easy automation of level and interface measurements in locations previously inaccessible or too costly


Pressure Transmitters

Rosemount 3051S Wireless In-Line Pressure Transmitter

Rosemount™ 3051S Wireless In-Line Pressure Transmitter: Rosemount 3051S Wireless In-line Pressure Transmitter is a no-equal solution that optimizes your gage and absolute pressure measurement performance. This best-in-class, scalable SuperModule™ platform minimizes process variability and reduces maintenance while automating the process with the secure and cost-effective WirelessHART®technology. Engineered for direct threaded connection, manifold or seal system solutions, this in-line pressure transmitter offers reliable measurement and quick installation.


Rosemount 3051 Wireless In-Line Pressure Transmitter

Rosemount™ 3051 Wireless In-Line Pressure Transmitter:  Designed with WirelessHART®technology, the Rosemount 3051 Wireless In-Line Pressure Transmitter provides consistent measurement of pressure and level, even in remote locations. This industry-leading pressure transmitter is engineered for 10-year installed stability and 0.04% of span accuracy, delivering data to run, control and monitor processes. This wireless transmitter also eliminates the need for complex wiring design, for a cost-effective and efficient solution.


Rosemount 2051 Wireless In-Line Pressure Transmitter

Rosemount™ 2051 Wireless In-Line Pressure Transmitter:  Integrated with WirelessHART®technology, the Rosemount 2051 Wireless In-Line Pressure Transmitter is a cost-effective solution for adding pressure measurement points. An industry standard for gage and absolute measurements, this transmitter is delivered fully assembled, so you can deploy instruments quickly, even in remote locations. With wireless capabilities, you can add measurement points easily, lowering installation and maintenance costs while improving productivity.


Temperature Transmitters

Rosemount 848T Wireless Temperature Transmitter

Rosemount™ 848T Wireless Temperature Transmitter: Rosemount 848T Wireless Temperature Transmitter is the premier choice for high density measurements via a WirelessHART®device. This transmitter accepts up to four independently configurable inputs, dramatically reducing your installation and operational costs per point through the use of a smart, reliable and secure wireless network. Additionally, the field-hardened enclosure allows for installation close to any process, even in hazardous areas.


Rosmeount 648 Wireless Temperature Transmitter

Rosemount™ 648 Wireless Temperature Transmitter: The Rosemount 648 Wireless Temperature Transmitter offers best-in-class wireless accuracy and stability for process monitoring. This durable transmitter is designed with a dual-compartment housing for field reliability. When combined with Rosemount X-well™ Technology and the Rosemount 0085 Pipe Clamp sensor, this transmitter can provide accurate measurement of process temperature via an in-transmitter thermal conductivity algorithm, eliminating the need for a thermowell or process penetration.


Rosemount x-well Temperature Transmitter

Rosemount X-well™ Technology: Rosemount X-well™ Technology delivers accurate process temperature data without thermowells or process penetrations. Using a thermal conductivity algorithm and with an understanding of the conductive properties of the temperature measurement assembly and piping, this surface temperature sensor solution accurately measures internal process temperature. In addition, this solution simplifies measurement point specification, installation and maintenance and reduces possible leak points.

Differential Pressure (DP) Flow Transmitters

Rosemount 3051S Wireless Multivariable Transmitter

Rosemount™ 3051S Wireless MultiVariable™ Transmitter: The Rosemount 3051S Wireless MultiVariable Transmitter features multivariable measurement capabilities paired with WirelessHART® technology, offering a no-equal, cost-efficient solution. This wireless transmitter provides measurements for differential and static pressure with >99% data reliability. Capable of standardizing on a single model number, this device is a cost-effective device that reduces pipe penetrations, impulse piping and connection systems.


Rosemount 3051S Wireless Differential Pressure Flow Transmitter

Rosemount™ 3051S Wireless Differential Pressure Flow Transmitter:  The Rosemount 3051S Wireless Differential Pressure Flow Transmitter combines no-equal scalable technology and state-of-the art primary flow elements with the security and data reliability of a WirelessHART®network. A best-in-class solution, this DP flow transmitter seamlessly integrates with a variety of primary elements that can be pre-assembled to the device. As a wireless transmitter, installation is straightforward, delivering long-lasting, >99% data reliability without the cost of wiring.


Rosemount 3051 Wireless Differential Pressure Flow Transmitter

Rosemount™ 3051 Wireless Differential Pressure Flow Transmitter:  Featuring optimal accuracy, the Rosemount 3051 Wireless Differential Pressure Flow Transmitter is an industry-leading flow measurement solution paired with innovative WirelessHART®technology. This flow transmitter can be pre-assembled to various primary elements for straightforward commissioning and quick installation. Secure and cost-effective, the WirelessHART® network offers quick instrumentation of measurement points without the cost of wiring and delivers >99% data reliability.


Rosemount 2051 Wireless Differential Pressure Flow Transmitter

Rosemount™ 2051 Wireless Differential Pressure Flow Transmitter:  The Rosemount 2051 Wireless Differential Pressure Flow Transmitter features industry-standard performance for differential pressure flow measurements via WirelessHART®technology. This device can be pre-assembled to various primary elements for reliable performance. This wireless transmitter offers easy installation and quick instrumentation of measurement points without the cost of wiring, delivering >99% data reliability.

Wireless Accessories

Emerson Wireless 1420 Gateway

Emerson™ Wireless 1420 Gateway: Engineered with industry-leading security, scalability and data reliability, the Emerson™ Wireless 1420 Gateway connects WirelessHART® self-organizing networks with host systems and data applications. This wireless gateway has a network capacity of up to 100 devices and is often used for installations without a junction in outdoor locations. Designed to easily connect to legacy host systems, additional devices can be added quickly without the need for configuration of the communication paths.


Emerson Wireless 1552WU Gateway

Emerson™ Wireless 1552WU Gateway: The Emerson™ Wireless 1552WU Gateway connects WirelessHART® self-organizing networks to any host system with integrated Wi-Fi backhaul for security, scalability and data reliability. This gateway offers host integration with DeltaV™ and Ovation™ and the Modbus® TCP provides universal integration and system interoperability. You can quickly enable Wi-Fi solutions that improve productivity, safety and operational efficiency with this simple and economical solution.


Emerson Wireless 775 THUM Adapter

Emerson™ Wireless 775 THUM™ Adapter: Make any HART® device wireless with the Emerson Wireless 775 THUM™ Adapter, an adapter that retrofits onto existing 2-, 3- or 4-wire HART devices. The THUM Adapter wirelessly transmits HART measurement and diagnostic information from new or previously inaccessible measurement points. With the self-organizing WirelessHART® network, you can remotely manage multivariable devices, monitor device health and gather data with >99% data reliability.

Wireless Technologies

Easily and economically implement or expand your existing sensing networks with wireless 



Less Cost per Device

Less cabling and conduit
No Training
Low Power



Less Time per Time

Less Engineering
Faster Commissioning
Quick Deployment
Easy Integration



Less Rack Room Footprint

No Junction Boxes
No Marshalling Cabinets or Input/Output Cards


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