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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies within the manufacturing or industrial industry. IIoT holds great potential for quality control, sustainable and green practices, supply chain traceability and efficiency by providing insights and machine learning while constantly capturing and communicating data.

What is PlantWeb™ Insights?

■ Analytic and application package providing strategic interpretation and monitoring of plant assets
■ Relevant-time actionable information and insights about abnormal situations, asset state, asset health, energy costs, emissions loss, etc.
■ Seamless system integration, simple installation, and minimal configuration or set-up
■ Pre-packaged analytics based on decades of process and industry experience
■ Human centered design and user tested interface for consistent and intuitive navigation


Gain real-time insights into abnormal situations

■ Suite of asset monitoring applications identifying abnormal situations and failures using process analytics
■ Learn about issues before they impact the bottom line with alerting and failure identification
■ The intuitive and easy-to-read views highlight high priority, actionable information


Lightweight, secure, and reliable software package allows seamless integration into current infrastructure

■ Easily deployed via a virtual machine
■ Access the interface anytime from a multitude of web browsers
■ Human centered design considerations allow for quick and intuitive start up and configuration
■ Integrate with existing wireless ecosystem to expand capabilities and leverage current investment


Monitor one asset or thousands with a fully scalable software package and numerous applications

■ Applications are based on key assets such as steam traps, pumps, heat exchangers, safety showers, and many more
■ Start small or monitor all your assets in one spot
■ Integration with other business systems such as OSI Pi and data historians
■ Deploy in small, large, or enterprise-wide operations

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Every application in the Plantweb Insight suite has a similar look and feel for a consistent user experience. The main views can be broken into three layers.


Emerson Plantweb Insight Dashboard


The dashboard page is an umbrella overview of the asset class being monitored. This page will provide an aggregated view of the entire asset class and the most important insights. These insights will vary from application to application with examples including asset status, asset health, energy costs, emissions loss, critical alerts, etc. A brief trending of these key insights is also provided for historical tracking and trending.

Emerson Plantweb Insight Asset


The asset summary page is a tabular view of all assets being monitored. This view provides a similar perspective as the dashboard but on an asset-by-asset basis. This page is fully sortable, searchable, and filterable for quick prioritization and identification. The Asset Summary page can also be exported via CSV or Excel®

Emerson Plantweb Insight Asset Details


The asset details page provides specific asset details. These details include location, process, application, asset, and device details for each individual asset. It also provides calculated insights such as relevant-time status, health, energy, emissions, etc. information and a brief asset history. A notes section allows users to add notes and flag assets for follow-up.

Emerson Plantweb Insight Interface



  • In-depth monitoring of steam traps
  • Provides relevant time steam trap status including failure modes (blow through, plugged, flooded)
  • Steam trap status algorithm based on thousands of real-customer data points and analytics
  • Economic and environmental impact displayed in terms of excess energy costs and emissions loss
  • Prioritize maintenance based on most problematic or highest impact failed traps

Calculated insights

  • Steam trap status
    - Good
    - Blow through
    - Plugged
    - Flooded
    - Inactive
  • Energy costs
  • Emissions loss
  • Related products
    - Emerson 1410/1420 Wireless Gateway
    - Rosemount 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitter

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Steam Trap Insight

Emerson Plantweb Steam Trap Insight

Pump Insight

Emerson Plantweb Pump Insight

Heat Exchanger Insight

Emerson Plantweb Heat Exchanger Insight

Wireless Pressure Gauge Insight

Emerson Plantweb Wireless Insight

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Host operating system
Virtualization software

  • VMware Workstation Pro™/Player™ 9 or higher (requirements can be found here or
  • VMware vSphere® 5.1 or higher (requirements can be found here


Guest operating system

  • Processors = 2
  • Memory = 1GB RAM minimum
  • Hard drive = 20GB of free space


Software Compatibility
Compatible Browsers: Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer

Other requirements

A DVD drive is required for installations

Communication Protocols

HART-IP™, Modbus® TCP




  • Detects and transmits acoustic level and temperature data to increase visibility and monitor steam traps and PRV’s
  • Directly mounts to process piping without cutting or changing pipe configurations for flexible, simple installation
  • Steam Trap Monitoring software (optional) provides critical, real-time information on steam trap conditions
  • Rugged and robust transmitter design ensures consistent performance in harsh environments
  • WirelessHART® technology is secure, cost-effective and delivers >99% data reliability
  • WirelessHART® network easily integrates into host systems, data historians or energy management software
  • Easy, intuitive and non-intrusive installation enables a quick method to automate without the cost of wiring
  • SmartPower™ solutions provide up to 10-year maintenance-free operation and replacement without transmitter removal


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