Boreal Laser A1000 Industrial Drive

A1000 Drive | 1000 HP

Full featured drive, providing outstanding
quality, performance, flexibility with
environmental friendliness through 1000HP

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Our drives cover every automation application need in the industrial plant. These AC drives incorporate the latest technological advancements in AC motor speed control, made possible by experience and dedication to quality in design and manufacturing.


Multi-Purpose Drives

Yaskawa GA800 Industrial Drive

Yaskawa GA800 High Performance Industrial Inverter (3/4 to 600 HP): Provides the ultimate combination of power, ease of use, flexibility, and performance. In addition to its exceptional torque production and precise control, you’ll enjoy effortless setup with GA800’s high-resolution display and connection to your favorite mobile device. Whether you need simple control, advanced network communications, or functional safety, look no further than GA800 for all your variable speed needs.


Yaskawa A100 Industrial Drive

Yaskawa A1000 High Performance Industrial Inverter:  Full featured drive, providing outstanding quality, performance, flexibility, and environmental friendliness through 1000HP. Enjoy network communications, feedback, and expandable I/O to control anything from simple fans and pumps to complex machines. For new installations or retrofits, the A1000 provides a single robust solution, regardless of your application.


Yaskawa U1000-Industrial Drive

Yaskawa U1000 Industrial MATRIX Interter (5 to 800 HP): The U1000 is a compact, total all-in-one solution for ultra-low harmonics and/or full regeneration, and is the ultimate choice for power quality and energy savings. Additionally, the U1000 delivers high flexibility and motor control performance to meet a wide variety of application requirements.


Yaskawa V1000 Drive

Yaskawa V1000 Compact Current Vector Drive (1/8 to 25 HP): The V1000 is a world-class compact current vector drive that defines a new world standard. Demands for efficient production and better maintainability are on the rise, spurred by global competition. Yaskawa pays off the promise of being in control with products that make businesses move. The optimum balance of energy input, product output, maintenance risk, and long life is reached with Yaskawa. The V1000 provides a world of power in the palm of your hand!

The V1000 is the flagship drive of the V1000 Family, which also includes the V1000-4X.


Yaskawa J1000 Drive

Yaskawa J1000 Compact Variable Frequency Drive (1/8 to 7.5 HP): The J1000 is a world-class compact variable frequency drive that defines a new world standard. Demands for efficient production and better maintainability are on the rise, spurred by global competition. Yaskawa drives have earned a reputation for high performance, high functionality, and high quality.

Great things come in small packages!

Fan & Pump Drives

Yaskawa P1000 Fan & Pump Drive

Yaskawa P1000 Fan & Pump Drive (1000 HP): This collection of adjustable frequency drives is designed for variable torque industrial applications like fans and centrifugal pumps. The P1000 drive provides simple, reliable, cost-effective control for variable-torque loads through 1000HP.

System Components

Yaskawa D1000 Regenerative Converter

Yaskawa D1000 Regenerative Converter (5 to 750 HP): Looking for a fully regenerative and/or clean power solution for your multi-drive or single drive system? Look no further. D1000 is your answer.

Unlike passive rectifiers which can only supply power from source to load, the D1000 is capable of delivering power in both directions, and is most beneficial to supply multi-drive or single drive common bus systems that experience significant regeneration. Additionally, the D1000 system includes input harmonic filtering, achieving low distortion levels and improved power factor, which further reduces energy costs and stress on power systems. This clean power solution is achieved without the use of expensive multi-pulse components.


Yaskawa RC5 Regenerative Converter

Yaskawa RC5 Regenerative Converter (5 to 100 HP): The RC5 was one of two line-regeneration products offered by Yaskawa. The RC5 was a cost-effective solution that could replace braking transistor/resistor networks in high duty cycle braking applications.

The RC5 was ideal for applications that had large overhauling loads or made frequent stops such as elevators, centrifuges, test stands, and winders (but do not have input harmonic distortion requirements).

The RC5 Regenerative Unit is a Legacy product and is no longer promoted in the Americas.


Yaskawa R1000 Regenerative Braking Unit

Yaskawa R1000 Regenerative Breaking Unit (3.5 to 300 kW): Looking for a smart and efficient alternative to dynamic braking? Look no further. The R1000 Regenerative Braking Unit is your answer.

Unlike dynamic braking, which dissipates all braking energy in the form of heat, the R1000 avoids wasted energy by delivering it back to your power source for use by other loads. Since the R1000 only transfers power during regeneration (not motoring), it is very economical for regenerative applications, and return on investment is often less than 1 year. Not only does this save energy and money, but it also eliminates the need to safely locate braking resistors.

Industrial Network & Software

Industrial Network Communication Protocols

We offer an array of various network communication protocols for your application needs

ODVA compliant option cards to connect your DeviceNet network.

ODVA compliant option cards to connect your Ethernet/IP network.

Option cards to turn the drive into an EtherCAT slave on your network.

Option cards to turn the drive into a M-II node and connect onto you high-speed MECHATROLINK-II network.

Option cards to turn the drive into a M-III node and connect onto you high-speed MECHATROLINK-III network.

Modbus TCP-IP
Simple and effective solution to connect your drive onto a Modbus TCP/IP network.

Modbus RTU
Embedded protocol on most Yaskawa drives. Allows you to easily and efficiently connect up to a Modbus RTU network.

PI compliant option cards to connect your drive onto a PROFIBUS-DP network.

PI compliant option cards to connect your drive onto a PROFINET network.

Industrial Software Tools

This collection of PC software support tools can be used for uploading and downloading drive parameters, calculating energy savings, creating application programs by arranging function block icons, as a programming simulator, or identifying how to reduce your operating costs and meet the harmonics compliance requirements.

DriveWizard Industrial
This support tool is a Windows based PC program designed to make commissioning and troubleshooting of Yaskawa drives as simple as possible.

DriveWizard Mobile with Yaskawa Drive Cloud
Start-up, adjust, and monitor Yaskawa’s GA800 AC drives with your smartphone or tablet. Use DriveWizard® Mobile to backup, store, and retrieve your drive settings locally or to your personal Yaskawa Drive CloudTM account.

DriveWorksEZ Software
This software tool provides the means to create custom logic and mathematic functionality inside the GA800, A1000, V1000 and U1000 drives.

Programming Simulator
This software provides realistic simulation of the programming and operation of a GA800, A1000, P1000, U1000, V1000 or J1000 drive.

Energy Savings Predictor
Controlling your applications with our drives can save you energy and reduce your operating cost. The Energy Savings Industrial software is available at no cost to enable users to accurately forecast the energy savings using VFDs.

Harmonics Estimator
This software allows you to identify how to reduce your operating costs and meet the harmonics compliance requirements.

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