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Noise Attenuation at High Pressures

Fisher WhisperFlo Trim

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Fisher WhisperFlo Aerodynamic Noise Attenuation Trim

Fisher WhisperFlo trim represents state-of-the-art solutions for applications that demand ultimate noise attenuation. Control valves with WhisperFlo trim provide additional attenuation for aerodynamic noise in very demanding vapor or gas applications with high pressure drops. A WhisperFlo cage with an appropriately sized valve body is designed to reduce the noise level up to -40 dBA. For special applications, -50 dBA attenuation can be achieved.

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  • Use of WhisperFlo trim provides excellent noise attenuation for very demanding applications. It should be considered for those applications that more conventional solutions cannot reach.
  • Quick change trim allows fast and easy inspection of the cage without taking the valve body out of the line. WhisperFlo trim is interchangeable with standard control valve trim.
  • Hardened materials or a unique wear surface construction are standard to provide excellent wear resistance. The three dimensional flow path, pressure-staging, and special passage shapes uniquely combine to equalize energy dissipation.
  • WhisperFlo trim has higher capacity at conventional valve travels and port sizes than tortuous path designs.
  • Standardized port sizes provide capability to retrofit existing valves.

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Click to get more information on the Fisher WhisperFlo Aerodynamic Noise Attenuation Trim

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