Optimum Noise Attenuation, Where Valves
can Contribute Substantial Noise

Fisher Inline Diffusers

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Fisher Inline Diffusers

A complete line of Fisher inline diffusers provide optimum noise attenuation where valves can contribute substantial noise. When installed, the total pressure drop of the system is divided across the valve and diffuser. This enables the valve to operate at a lower pressure drop ratio, thereby lowering the noise level generated from the process flowing through the control valve. Options include: the 6010 with integral outlet head, the 6011 pipe style, and the Whisper Disk.

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  • The diffuser concept is used in several unique versions, providing optimum solutions for various applications. The diffuser need not be installed adjacent to the control valve.
  • A properly selected diffuser-valve combination can result in up to 40 dBA noise reduction.
  • A diffuser-valve combination retains the pressure/flow control associated with a standard control valve. Just as important, it controls the generation of potentially damaging noise and vibration.
  • All Fisher diffusers, both inline and vent, are ruggedly-built, static devices requiring no maintenance after installation. These features combine to offer increased noise control at a minimum investment.

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Critical Service
Noise Abatement

Carbon Steel, Stainless, Alloy

Operating Temperature
Standard Temperature, High Temperature

Process Connection Type
6010: Flanged, Butt Weld, Socket Weld
6011: Wafer, Flanged
Whisper Disk: Raised Face, RTJ, Flanged

Valve Size
6010: NPS 1 to NPS 26, Up to NPS 72
6011: NPS 2 to NPS 48
Whisper Disk: NPS 2 to NPS 36

Valve Size Standard

Other Configurations Available

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