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Fisher™ HP and EH Globe and Angle Valves

Fisher™ HP and EH Globe and Angle Valves

Fisher™ HP and EH Globe and Angle Valves

Fisher HP series control valves are single-port, high-pressure, globe- or angle-style valves with metal seats, cage guides, and push-down-to-close valve plug action. Fisher EH series valves are specially designed for high-pressure applications and incorporate proven techniques in flow-stream contouring for higher capacities and in valve trim design for reliability in severe applications.

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  • Rugged cage guiding provides increased valve plug stability, which reduces vibration and mechanical noise.
  • HP valves have readily available trims capable of attaining full pressure drops.
  • EH/HP and EHA/HPA valves with buttwelding end connections have Intermediate Standard Ratings. With nondestructive testing, these valves can conform to ASME Intermediate Special Ratings, which allow even higher pressure/temperature applications.
  • Optional ENVIRO-SEAL™ packing systems provide an improved stem seal to help prevent the loss of valuable process fluid or emission of hazardous process fluid.
  • Hardened materials of construction for the cage, valve plug, cage guiding, and other trim parts are standard for all applications, providing excellent wear resistance.
  • Maintenance is simple and can easily be performed using common tools. Micro-Flute and Micro-Form valve plugs provide superb rangeability in high-pressure, low-flow applications, while maintaining tight shutoff.

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SIL capable, CSA, FM, ATEX, IECEx, CUTR, PED, CRN, Fire Safe, Fugitive Emission, NACE

Critical Service:
Noise Abatement, Cavitation, Dirty Service, Erosive, Low Flow, Corrosive, General Service, Flashing

Flow Characteristics:
Equal Percentage, Linear, Special Characterization, Quick Opening

Carbon Steel, Stainless, Duplex, Alloy, Cast Iron

Operating Temperature:
Cryogenic, Standard Temperature, High Temperature

Pressure Class:

Process Connection Type:
Flanged, Butt Weld, RTJ, Socket Weld

Shutoff Class:
Class II (FCI 70-2), Class III (FCI 70-2), Class IV (FCI 70-2), Class V (FCI 70-2), TSO

Valve Size:
See product bulletin for various valve styles and sizes

Valve Size Standard:

Other Configurations:
Contact your local Emerson business partner or sales office to learn about additional specifications or options for this product.

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