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Temperature Control: Accurate Process Monitoring

Fisher™ 4196 Temperature Indicating Controller

Fisher™ 4196 Temperature Indicating Controller

Fisher 4196 Temperature Indicating Controller

Fisher 4196 temperature indicating controllers show process temperature and set point on an easy-to-read process scale. The controllers are used in industries requiring accurate process monitoring and temperature control.

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  • Simple design allows fast, easy maintenance and minimal spare parts inventory.
  • Adjusting the set point, adjusting the zero and span of the process pointer, and switching between direct and reverse action are accomplished quickly and without special tools.
  • The simple design and low mass of internal parts allow the controller to withstand the vibrations found in most plant environments.
  • Two red pointers on a 114 mm (4 1/2 in), white-on-black scale show process temperature and deviation from set point at a glance.
  • The relay and nozzle design reduces steady-state air consumption to as low as 0.09 normal m3/h (3.5 scfh).
  • Tough plastic housing resists corrosive environments. Internal constructions are available to resist corrosive supply pressure media, such as sour gas.

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Max Outlet Pressure: 
40 psig

Mounting Type:
Remote Mount, Actuator Mount

Operating Temperature:
Standard Temperature

Position Control:
On/Off, Modulating Control

Process Control:

Supply Media:
Air, Natural Gas

Other Configurations:
Contact your local Emerson business partner or sales office to learn about additional specifications or options for this product.

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