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Emerson has a an extensive suite of SCADA solutions, including next generation flow computers, smart RTU’s, custody transfer solutions, and comprehensive SCADA host capabilities. Our RTU’s are used extensively in complex, highly distributed oil/gas and water treatment applications. Our RTU’s are smart, easy to program and have advanced libraries for AGA & ISO calculations. We also support full field level diagnostics, to the device level, using standard HART and WirelessHART protocols. We can also support numerous forms of wired , radio based, microwave, cell tower and other forms of high and low speed communications to suit your demanding applications.

RTU & Flow Computers

ROC800-Series Remote Operations Controller

ROC800-Series Remote Operations Controller:  The ROC800 combines the ruggedness and low power consumption of a RTU, the scalability, speed and control of a PLC, and the audit trails and historical data of a flow computer enabling you to measure, control and optimize your oil and gas operations using a single device. The ROC800-Series has built a reputation on being reliable and known to operate in the harshest remote climates.


DL8000 Preset Controller

DL8000 Preset Controller:  Designed for the task of controlling the loading and unloading of hydrocarbon liquids in or out of transporting vessels such as tanker trucks, rail cars, ships, storage tanks, and pipelines. The DL8000 is capable of performing all blending, measurement, control, and monitoring needed to provide highly productive and rapid operations for most common loading configurations used in the industry.


FloBoss™ S600+ Flow Computer

FloBoss™ S600+ Flow Computer:  A panel-mount flow computer ideal for fiscal measurement, custody transfer, batch loading, and meter proving applications. The FloBoss™ S600+ allows multi-stream, multi-station applications to be configured for simultaneous metering of both liquids and gases. The S600+ supports most measurement standards including AGA, ISO, GPA, GERG, and GOST for gas applications and API and ASTM for liquid applications.


FloBoss™ 107 Flow Manager

FloBoss™ 107 Flow Manager:  The FloBoss 107 is a single or multi-run flow computer that is the ideal measurement solution for many natural gas applications that monitor, measure, and control equipment in a remote environment. The FloBoss 107 provides the functions required for various field automation applications delivering accurate AGA calculations, data archival, broad communications support, low power consumption, PID loop control, FST control, and operation over extreme temperatures and many I/O points.


FloBoss™ 104 Flow Manager

FloBoss™ 104 Flow Manager:  The FloBoss 104 Flow Computer measures, monitors, and provides control of gas flow for a single rotary meter or turbine meter, using a Pulse Interface Module. This economical flow computer reliably and accurately performs gas flow calculations, data archival and remote communications. The FloBoss104 Flow Computer has an explosion proof, weather tight enclosure, with an optional window and LCD display.


FloBoss™ 103 Flow Manager

FloBoss™ 103 Flow Manager:  The FloBoss 103 measures, monitors, and controls gas flow for a single meter run, typically using an orifice plate. This economical FloBoss 103 reliably and accurately performs gas flow calculations, data archival and remote communications providing a cost-effective replacement for the traditional paper chart recorders. The FloBoss 103 has an explosion proof, weather-tight enclosure, with an optional window and LCD display.


ControlWave® PAC – Process Automation Controller

ControlWave® PAC – Process Automation Controller:  The ControlWave Process Automation Controller is a high-performance hybrid PLC/RTU designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial control. It is very flexible and capable of satisfying the requirements of local, expanded, remote, and distributed I/O needs. The controller is ideal for water/wastewater, oil and gas, and industrial control applications.


ControlWave® Micro - Hybrid RTU/PLC

ControlWave® Micro - Hybrid RTU/PLC:  The ControlWave Micro is a highly programmable controller that combines the unique capabilities of a programmable logic controller (PLC) and a remote terminal unit (RTU) into a single hybrid controller. The ControlWave Micro specializes in oil and gas, water and wastewater, and industrial control applications that maximize the performance of a wide range of control systems with a design emphasis on low power consumption.


ControlWave® ExpressPAC

ControlWave® ExpressPAC – Pre-engineered SCADA RTU:  ControlWave ExpressPAC is a highly-integrated pre-engineered packaged solution that combines the ControlWave Express RTU with a variety of options commonly required for SCADA applications. These include a compact Nema 4X-rated (3R with battery vent) enclosure, power supply, and solar panel options with battery backup, operator display/keypad input options, and wireless communication options.


ControlWave® Express – SCADA RTU/PLC

ControlWave® Express – SCADA RTU/PLC:  ControlWave Express extends the ControlWave architecture to smaller I/O point count applications such as water pump, tank, well and reservoir control, wastewater lift station, and storm water monitoring. Also, natural gas well, storage, and plunger lift control remote SCADA applications.


ControlWave® CPU Conversion Kits for Bristol Network 3000 Products

ControlWave® CPU Conversion Kits for Bristol Network 3000 Products:  The CW_10, CW_30 and CW_35 ControlWave CPU conversion kits offer a cost-effective upgrade path to the ControlWave architecture for existing 3310, 3330, and 3335 systems. You can maintain your investment in I/O, wiring, cabinets, and enclosures, communication infrastructure, and application program development. The CW_10 and CW_30 CPUs are direct replacements for the 3310, 3330, and 3335 CPUs. You can easily remove the existing CPU and communication cards and replace them with the new ControlWave architecture cards.


ControlWave® Ethernet Remote I/O

ControlWave® Ethernet Remote I/O:  These compact DIN-rail mountable modules provide open connectivity through 10 Mbps Ethernet and 38.4 KB serial RS-485 links. The wide range of module I/O configurations brings exceptional flexibility to network diversity. Each module is designed and rated for harsh industrial environments, a perfect compliment to the ControlWave Process Automation Management Solution as well as existingNetwork 3000 measurement and control systems.


ControlWave® XFC Flow Computer

ControlWave® XFC Flow Computer:  The ControlWave XFC is a cost-effective, competitive solution when requirements call for a gas flow computer in a compact, explosion-proof package. ControlWave XFC measures differential pressure, static pressure, and temperature for up to two runs and computes flow for both volume and energy. The XFC is preprogrammed to meet API 21.1 requirements for a two-run metering station.


RTU/Flow Computer Configuration Tools

Field Tools

Field Tools:  Field Tools is a Windows® based configuration software suite designed to perform remote terminal unit (RTU), flow computer, and HART® device configuration and maintenance in the field. You can empower field measurement technicians and engineers with a single software toolkit to perform all necessary configuration and maintenance.


OpenBSI Utilities Suite

OpenBSI Utilities Suite:  A set of network communication services designed for technicians, engineers and operators providing access to ControlWave RTUs. Two packages are available to offer optimum functionality.


ROCLINK™ 800 Configuration Software

ROCLINK™ 800 Configuration Software:  ROCLINK 800 Configuration Software incorporates the features you need for fast, efficient configuration and operation of ROC and FloBoss products.


DS800 Development Suite

ROC DS800 Development Suite:  Provides the power to create custom programs for the ROC800, DL8000, FloBoss 107, and 107E flow computers. DS800 lets users create custom continuous and discrete control strategies using any of six programming languages.


ControlWave® Designer

ControlWave® Designer:  ControlWave Designer allows engineers the flexibility to choose the most appropriate controller hardware system without the necessity of learning a new programming language for each platform. The flexibility of IEC61131-3 further allows each manufacturer to augment the basic set of functions with product-specific high-level functions to take maximum advantage of their products’ distinguishing capabilities, yet strictly adhere to the IEC 61131-3 standards.


Config 600® Configuration Software

Config 600® Configuration Software:  A suite of tools that enable you to monitor and configure FloBoss™ S600+ Flow Managers. With Config600 tools, engineers can build configurations that allow the FloBoss S600 to handle a single meter run (measurement stream) up to both a gas and liquid station with multiple meter runs and proving.


SCADA System

OpenEnterprise™ SCADA Systems

OpenEnterprise™ SCADA Systems:  OpenEnterprise v3 is a SCADA platform designed for remote oil and gas applications where data integrity and uptime are essential over complex communications networks, enabling you to improve productivity, enterprise integration, reliability, and profitability. By linking operations with back office business systems, OpenEnterprise unlocks process data and transforms the efficiency and profitability of your operation. Your remote oil and gas operations are easier, safer, and more productive.


Ovation™ SCADA Server

Ovation™ SCADA Server:  Integrates data from remote sites and disparate systems into a single, unified system, reducing complexity and minimizing maintenance and training requirements



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