In today’s highly-competitive brewery industry, production efficiency is paramount yet difficult to achieve with the rising cost of resources, increased regulation, tighter brand restrictions, and a lack of operational flexibility. Lakeside offers instrumentation supported by state-of-the-art control systems and software to provide precise measurements at critical production phases and online collection of and monitoring of key data to enhance the performance and efficiency of your brewery.


Dealcoholization of Beer & Wine

Utilizing Rosemount, Micro Motion and DeltaV’s precision control and integral communication protocols, combined with Osmatic Distillation Membrane Technology, allows us to dealcoholize your beer or wine, while putting the product under the least amount of stress possible, using less energy than other methods and protecting the flavor profile.

CIean In Place Skids

A well-designed CIP will offer consistent, repeatable sanitation of systems and vessels, while minimizing CIP cycle times and  chemical usage, optimize thermal efficiency, ensure employee safety and maximise product recovery.  Does your current system check all those boxes? CLICK HERE to see your potential ROI.

Portable CIP

Does complexity in your facility layout or equipment sizing make investing in a standard CIP skid difficult, even though you want the benefits they offer? Or do you already have a stationary CIP skid but want to give your sanitation team additional flexibility to match todays production culture of various product runs and multiple equipment changeovers? ROI calculator coming soon!

Dry Hop

Are you looking for a safe way to Dry Hop your cellar vessels while ensuring minimal oxygen pickup and inherent recirculation programming? Our Dry Hop System can also come equipped with a wedge wire basket to keep the organics on the skid vs. in the tank and/or act as a single tank CIP with inline heater. ROI calculator coming soon!

Inline CO2 and N2

Precision gas entrainment in your product has a significant impact on mouthfeel, delivery of flavour profile and ensuring your product is consistent. Does using your Brite Beer Tank (BBT) solely as a “top up” and balance tank for your filler sound appealing vs. putting product there for up to 30 hours to ensure the proper level of carbonation? Could your fillers run more hours with the same amount of BBTs if you had equipment to facilitate this process?


Trim Chiller

As facilities grow, utility infrastructure becomes strained. It may become more difficult to keep your expanding cellar at the appropriate temperatures and more timely to crash cool a vessel, especially in the hot summer months. We are able to ensure your product is, while on its way to the filler, ensuring minimal temperature related low fills and waste.

Inline CO2, N2 & Trim Chiller Package

Your beer absorbs CO2/N2 best at certain temperatures. Your fillers want your beers temperature and CO2/N2 levels to be within very tight tolerances. Why not combine our 2 packages into a single system that can be used together or as individual processes to maximise your efficiencies by reducing wasted gas and even worse, low or overfilled product?

Brewhouse Automation

The Craft Brewing marketplace is getting more competitive month after month. How do you differentiate yourself and protect your brand at an artisan level? How do you gain labour efficiencies? How do you gain process insights that can help you plan your OpEx and CapEx spends?

Cellar Automation

Do you want to monitor and control your cellar vessel temperatures from your smart phone, tablet or laptop? Have you ever lost a batch because a valve or an RTD failed? Our easily installed panel can send you alerts if a tank falls out of spec, before its too late to save.


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  • Energy Audits
  • Technology Audits
  • Sanitary Installation Services
  • Mechanical Services
  • Instrumentation Services
  • Calibration Services

Superior Instrumentation, Best Practices - Better Brewing

In the Brewery, you are constantly challenged to maintain a high quality, consistent product, while under constant pressure to reduce operating and energy costs. Emerson understands these challenges and has the most powerful, reliable instrumentation with the know-how to implement them in ways that assure that you can brew the quality beer that your customers expect while increasing brewery efficiency to new levels.

Silo Level
Rosemount 5408 Radar Level

  • Non-Contacting Radar
  • Reliable continuous grain level
  • +-10mm Accuracy

Cereal Cooker Temperature
Rosemount 326T Temperature Transmitter

  • Compact form factor enables installation in applications with space constraints
  • M12 electrical connector allows for simple installation and start-up
  • Designed to withstand CIP processes as well as external washdowns (IP69K rated)

Steam Energy Measurement
Rosemount Mass Flow Meter

  • Measures energy use throughout brewery
  • P/DP/T multivariable measurement in one unit
  • Accurately measures steam mass flow to 1% by compensating for Pressure and Temperature

Mash & Wort pH
Rosemount Analytical TFS396 pH Sensor

  • Non-glass ISFET sensor
  • Mash pH optimizes enzymatic conversion of starch to sugar
  • Wort pH determines hops soluability, body, palate and clarity

Water, Mash, Wort & Beer Flow
Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meter

  • Most widely used flow technology in the Brewery
  • Cost efficient, low maintenance
  • Accuracy to .25%
  • Full diameter with no product shear and minimum foaming

Boiler Drum Level
Rosemount 3051S DP Level

  • Increases availability by decreasing shutdowns
  • Unmatched accuracy and 5 year stability
  • Adjustable damping for noise cancellation

Filter Bed Differential Pressure
Rosemount 5408 Level Transmitter - Non-Contacting Radar

  • 26 GHz FMCW with unique energy efficient chip, try our Frequency Selector to see if this is the right frequency for you.
  • Unique PTFE seal design eliminates the need for o-rings
  • Model tailored to SIS requirements, certified to IEC 61508 SIL 2
  • Solid measurement with unique solids algorithm
  • 3-A certified for hygienic applications

Wort Mass Flow & Density
MicroMotion Coriolis technology

  • Mass flow accuracy to 0.1%
  • Real-time concentration (Plato and Balling) to 0.2%
  • First Wort clarity
  • Bed Consistency
  • Lauter Tun run-off

Adjunct & Extract Flow
MicroMotion Coriolis technology

  • Mass flow accuracy to 0.1%
  • Precisely measures expensive ingredients
  • Real-time concentration (Brix or % Sugar) to 0.2%
  • Directly measures sugar content of adjunct syrups

Tank High/Low Level
Rosemount 2120 Vibrating Fork Level Switch

  • Reliable “drip fork” design is virtually unaffected by flow, turbulence, bubbles, foam, vibration, solids content, coating or product variations
  • No need for calibration and minimum installation requirements
  • Sensitive, reliable and universal

Yeast Pinching
Micro Motion Coriolis Technology

  • Precision measurement of yeast to maximize conversion of sugars to alcohol
  • Density measures yeast solids
  • Density accuracy to 0.0005gm/cc

Tank Level
Rosemount 3051SL Sanitary Level

  • Most accurate and responsive level transmitter with direct or remote mount seal
  • Manufactured to withstand CIP/SIP and spray balls
  • Robust design for years of superior performance

Beer Dissolved Oxygen
Rosemount Analytical Bx438

  • Directly measures DO in final beer
  • Range 0-20 ppb
  • Robust membrane survives multiple CIP cycles
  • No CO2 offset effects

Boiler Efficiency and Stack Monitoring

  • Continuous real-time monitoring for boiler optimization and stack emissions monitoring
  • O2, NOX, CO, CO2 and SO2

Boiler Efficiency and Stack Monitoring
Rosemount 245 Sanitary Flow-Through Toroidal Conductivity Sensor

  • Obtainable with 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, and 2 inch Tri Clamp connections
  • Prevent accumulation of solids since none of the sensor protrudes into the sample flow
  • FDA and USP Class VI Requirements are met for liner and O-rings
  • Plugging resistant and appropriate for liquids containing high levels of suspended solids

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