EIM Controls - Non-Intrusive TEC2 Electric Actuator

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+ Updated Electronics
+ Enhanced Features
+ Increased Torque Range

EIM™ Non-Intrusive TEC2 Electric Actuator

Valve Automation Systems with
Integrated Control Accessories & Digital
Communications Possibilities

FieldQ™ Actuator

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FieldQ Actuator



Lakeside has a vast portfolio of valve actuation and valve accessories. We have proven solutions for the toughest automation, safety and productivity challenges. We inspire customer success through decades of innovation and operating experience. Lakeside is proud to offer a wide range of actuators with different frame sizes, torque/thrust ratings and output speeds readily tailored to your specific applications. Rely on the combined strength of Emerson and Lakeside to ensure you have the right valve assembly for your application - All valves, everywhere.




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Asco Solenoid Valves

ASCO Solenoid Valves: General service, electronically enhanced, miniature, process, dust collector valves & more! ​ASCO solenoid valves control critical flow of air, gas, water, oil, and steam in applications spanning numerous industries.


  • General Service
  • Electronically Enhanced
  • Dust Collector
  • Miniature Valves
  • Process Valve Automation
  • Fuel, Gas & Oil Products
  • Proportional Valves
  • Nuclear
  • Air Operated
  • Special Service
  • Navy/Marine

TopWorx D Series Discrete Valve Controllers

TopWorx D-Series Discrete Valve Controllers: The TopWorx D-Series is our flagship line of premium valve controllers. The D-Series offers  spacious, rugged enclosures in aluminum, stainless steel, or resin that accommodate a multitude of available switch, bus communication, and position transmitter options. All D-Series valve controllers are  intrinsically safe and offer flexibility for high/low currents with 4amp/120vac and 3amp/24vdc capabilities.


TopWorx High Value Switchboxes


TopWorx D-Series Switchboxes: High-value switchboxes with a variety of options

Manual Overrides

EL-O-Matic Manual Override Gear Box

EL-O-Matic MO Manual Override Gear Box: A declutchable gear operator with a simple and reliable method of local manual operation.


Bettis AMO Series Quarter Turn Manual Override

Bettis AMO-Series Quarter-turn Manual Override: Lightweight declutchable quarter-turn manual override specifically designed for use with all types pneumatic rack and pinion Actuator.


Rack & Pinion

El-O-Matic F Series

EL-O-Matic F-Series Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Valve Actuator: Compact, lightweight, low maintenance, pneumatic rack and pinion actuator built for continuous high performance in many applications.


Keystone Figure 89

Keystone F89 Pneumatic Quarter-Turn Actuator:  A direct mounting actuator to all Keystone butterfly valves and ball valves. Features pre-compressed spring design and anti-blowout drive pinion which means safe maintenance and operation.


FieldQ VOS w Rack & Pinion Actuator

FieldQ VOS Valve Operating System (VOS) with Rack and Pinion Actuator:  A turnkey valve operating system with pneumatic rack and pinion actuator, controls and mounting brackets.

Scotch Yoke

Bettis G Series Actuator

Bettis G-Series Valve Actuators:  The G-Series scotch yoke pneumatic and hydraulic actuator has state-of-the-art features and an enhanced modular design for improved efficiency, reduced wear and extended life. Available with symmetric or canted yoke. SIL 3 suitable and ATEX certified


Bettis CBB Series Scotch Yoke Actuator

Bettis CBB-Series Scotch Yoke Hydraulic Valve Actuator:  A pneumatic actuator that combines the strengths of the G-Series actuator and is compact, lightweight, efficient and very cost-effective.


Bettis CBA300 Scotch Yoke Actuator

Bettis CBA300 Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Valve Actuator:  A pneumatic actuator that combines the strengths of the G-Series actuator and is compact, lightweight, efficient and very cost-effective.


Bettis RGS F-Series Pneumatic Valve Actuator

Bettis RGS F-Series Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Valve Actuator:  Quarter-turn spring-return and double-acting pneumatic Actuator with ductile iron or stainless-steel construction. Ideal for marine applications.


Bettis RTS CM Compact Multi-turn Electric Actuator: A non-intrusive intelligent compact multi-turn electric actuator for ON/OFF and Process control applications. The robust and compact design offers continuous modulation with configurable speed options that are widely used on valves for oil & gas, power, chemical, HVAC, and water and wastewater industries..


Bettis XTE3000 Electric Actuator: The XTE3000 is an intelligent multi-turn electric actuator from the Bettis family of actuators. Specifically designed to meet the most challenging valve automation demands of the Oil & Gas, Power, and Process industries, the XTE3000 is compliant with a wide range of international standards and is the ideal solution to your plant’s safety and reliability requirements.


Bettis M2CP Electric Valve Actuator: Easy to maintain robust and reliable electric actuators that fit a broad range of quarter-turn and multi-turn applications.


Bettis SCE300 Electric Actuator: The SCE300 is an intelligent quarter-turn electric actuator from the Bettis family of actuators. Compact and lightweight, this all-in-one actuator fits all the features of larger, heavier actuators into a neat, innovative design. Deploy the SCE300 to maintain effective control of low-torque, quarter-turn valves and dampers in even the largest and most complex plants.


Bettis TorqPlus Electric Valve Actuator:  The Bettis TorqPlus Electric Actuator employs a unique modular design to allow for simple retrofits using over 200 different accessory kits.


Keystone Model EPI2 Electric Quarter Turn Actuator

Keystone Model EPI-2 Electric Quarter-Turn Actuator: The EPI-2 series are compact, intelligent quarter-turn electric actuators for the accurate control of valves with torques from 35 to 2000 Nm / 308 to 17,700 The EPI-2 is available in six sizes and is designed for on/off or modulating control of butterfly, ball, rotary plug valves or dampers in a wide range of heavy industrial, chemical and petrochemical plants on and offshore.




Bettis EHO Electro Hydraulic Operator (Smart)

Bettis EHO Electro-Hydraulic Operator (Smart): Self-contained, quarter-turn, valve actuator that combines proven technologies. The EHO actuator has been designed for critical shutdown applications where reliability is crucial.


Bettis Gas Hydraulic Scotch Yoke Valve Actuator

Bettis Gas Hydraulic Scotch Yoke Valve Actuator: High-pressure pipeline scotch yoke valve actuator that automates valves on gas transmission pipelines where there are no pneumatic or hydraulic supply lines available.

  Shafer SH Series Gas Over Oil Helical Spine Valve Actuator

Shafer SH-Series Gas Over Oil Helical Spline Valve Actuator: A helical spline gas-over-oil actuator, this double-acting hydraulic model is perfect for a variety of small valve.

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