Fisher® Whisper Trim™ III
Solutions to Noise Problems

The Silent Treatment

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Severe Service

For decades Lakeside has been providing customers with severe service control valve solutions.  Whether it is severe service applications for the power, hydrocarbon, chemical or pulp and paper industry, Lakeside’s technical experts have provided sound solutions to address critical applications for aerodynamic noise, cavitation and out-gassing issues, as well as particulate erosion.

Aerodynamic Noise Control


Fisher® Whisper III trim for gas & steam noise control: Whisper Trim III cages have multiple holes around the cage circumference. Attenuation is accomplished by splitting the flow through these holes (passages) and by shifting the noise to a higher frequency

Fisher® Whisperflo trim for gas & steam noise control: This is a state-of-the-art, multi-path and multi-state trim. The cages provide greater capacity and noise attenuation than Whisper Trim I or Whisper Trim III cages


Cavitation Control for Clean Liquids


Fisher® Cavitrol™ III Trim: 1-stage trim helps to isolate damaging cavitation away from the valve walls thereby minimizing damaged cause by the cavitating liquid within the valve cavity. Fisher® Cavitrol™ III 2-Stage Trim helps to eliminate cavitation by staging the pressure drop to ensure that the last stage sees only a small pressure drop and that the lowest pressure in the trim remains above the fluid vapor pressure

Fisher® Cavitrol IV Trim: Designed specifically for liquid applications where pressure drops are above 3,000psi and damaging cavitation is present

Fisher® Micro-Flat Trim: is a plug-characterized trim designed for flow down applications only

Cavitation Control for Dirty Fluids


Fisher® DST Trim/Valve: Is a multi-stage (2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 stage) anti-cavitation trim used with a variety of control valves

Fisher® DST-G Trim: Dirty Service Trim for out-gassing applications (DST-G) is a multi-stage anti-cavitation trim

Corrosive Applications


Fisher® Cladding Technologies: Emerson Process Management is able to offer this option on our Fisher® NPS 8—24 globe style valves and NPS 3 and larger angle valves

Fisher® Alloy Solutions: For many years, the 300 series stainless steels (SST) have been the workhorse alloys for corrosive applications

Fisher® V500 Eccentric Plug Rotary Control Valve: Designed to address problems with valve trim erosion. One of the unique features of this valve design is the reverse direction of flow and the chrome carbide internal body coating aimed at preventing valve body and trim erosion in erosive/corrosive applications

No Leak Applications


Fisher® Bellow Seals for No Leak Applications: ENVIRO-SEAL bellows seal bonnets improve sealing capabilities of Fisher valves and provide long life for applications where emissions escaping from a valve stem seal to the atmosphere cannot be tolerated

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