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Chloride's Flagship CP-70Z AC UPS System

Proven Digital Control Technology Designed to meet
the Harshest Electrical & Mechanical Conditions

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Chloride CP-70R (0.6 kW to 450 kW)

Complete Tailor Made Power Protection Solution,
including Switchgear, DC Distribution & Monitoring Suite



Power Management

Ensure the reliability of your most critical applications. With our unique combination of industry expertise, technology, and global resources, you can protect and optimize critical infrastructure that delivers and stores your organization’s voice, data, or multimedia content and applications. We complement our highly reliable technology and service offerings with global resources so we can work with you wherever you are.


Chloride CP70Z AC UPS: AC Uninterruptible Power Systems designed for heavy-duty industries offer full flexibility with a wide variety of configurations and options. These systems combine conservative design topology (SCR/IGBT) with proven digital control technology to provide high reliability and best performance in any electrical and environmental conditions.



Chloride XP-90R DC UPS Product

Chloride XP90R DC UPS DC Uninterruptible Power Systems designed to operate in hazardous areas of Oil & Gas offshore installations. The Chloride XP90R range of rectifiers-battery chargers is ATEX/IECEx certified. It employs the naturally-cooled thyristor technology to provide highly reliable DC power to the most critical loads in extreme environments.



Battery Preventive Maintenance for Industrial Applications  The industrial UPS is the foundation of your emergency power system, protecting critical processes, as well as control and safety systems. Downtime is not an option. While Chloride UPS units are designed for reliability, they do contain life-limited components that must be proactively serviced to ensure your UPS will work properly when it is needed. Having a preventive maintenance program delivered by industry leaders is the single most important step you can take to maximize UPS availability.


Chloride UPS Preventive Maintenance When your power is interrupted, it can cause dangerous chemical process instability, damage to process equipment, or in some cases, the complete shutdown of your plant. A comprehensive UPS preventive maintenance program allows you to resolve power system issues before they develop into major defects that result in costly downtime. But maintenance is only as effective as the technicians performing it. As the OEM, Vertiv’s factory-trained service technicians know your Chloride UPS best. With support from the engineers who designed your equipment and easy access to parts, you receive the right services at the right times to meet your critical system availability needs.


Spare Parts Kits for Industrial Sites Make sure you have the parts on hand for every situation. Your industrial power protection system is designed to operate for 20+ years, but it will need timely parts replacements to function properly. Contact us for recommendations on spare parts kits according to the system age and application environment.


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