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Electronic Logbooks

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Mimic – Fast, Easy, Flexible Dynamic
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Operations Management

Lakeside helps you improve manufacturing execution to drive your production goals with the many Operations Management Systems we offer. Connect plant floor information with production data to drive decision-making and control costs with Emerson’s scalable, integrated, software modules that address resource management, operations optimization, integrated information, and quality & compliance requirements.

Optimize & Maintain


Alarms: DeltaV alarm operations and analytic applications for operators and control engineers are compliant to the latest ISA-18.2 and EEMUA-191 standards for alarm management

Advanced Control: DeltaV system’s Embedded Advanced Control provides a full array of applications to improve control performance and optimize process operations

Process Simulation


Simulation Suite: The DeltaV Simulate Suite of products provides an “offline” DeltaV system for software testing, system development, operator training, and ongoing system maintenance and support



Process Simulation: Mynah’s Mimic provides Fast, Easy, Flexible Dynamic Simulation for Life-Cycle Business Result

Operations Management


Electronic Logbooks: Syncade Electronic Logbooks: Improve operational effectiveness by automating logbook entries to minimize shift handover risk, streamlining task management, and accelerating decision-making

Document Management: Syncade Document Management eliminates the need for paper-based documentation and reduce manual documentation errors. Electronic document management facilitates collaboration and expedites review and approvals

Electronic Batch Records Management: Syncade Electronic Batch Records Management drive increased compliance, reduce the time to release, and deliver right first time production by improving batch record creation and management

Equipment Management: Syncade Equipment Management extends plant floor automation by managing equipment states and events. Perform and record equipment tasks to reduce downtime

Information Integration: Syncade Information Integration drives productivity with faster decision-making through improved communications between systems and stakeholders. Connect plant floor data with production data to meet production goals

Materials Management: Syncade Materials Management automates weigh and dispense activities to reduce the risk of operator error while improving documentation accuracy. Controlled weighing translates into better quality, reduced variability, and improved material safety

Data Historians & Analytics


OSIsoft Plant-Wide & Enterprise Data Historian & Analytics

Collect: Interface to, and acquire data from a multitude of sources

Historize: Reliably archive, and serve large volumes of data. Scale to meet your growing business needs

Find: Organize and quickly locate your data to optimize business decisions

Analyze: Convert real-time data and events into actionable information. Measure and improve business performance

Deliver: Bring systems and people together by delivering the right information to the right place and the right time

Visualize: Gain a comprehensive view of your operational information with intuitive visuals

Energy Management Information System


Energy Management Information System: Fuel your bottom line with real-time insight into site energy performance

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