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Manufacturers are being asked to do more with less: improve process performance with fewer engineers, increase reliability with lower maintenance budgets, and guarantee quality during changing conditions. Advanced control has proven to be an effective tool in optimizing operations, reliability, and quality but can be expensive to implementation and maintain on traditional control systems. DeltaV Advanced Control provides a full array of applications including model predictive control, loop monitoring and adaptive tuning, quality prediction, and constrained optimization.



Operations: To improve business results and remain competitive, it is critical to optimize your plant operations, improve productivity, and increase process uptime. The DeltaV system simplifies those tasks through its easy-to-use design

Alarms: DeltaV alarm operations and analytic applications for operators and control engineers are compliant to the latest ISA-18.2 and EEMUA-191 standards for alarm management

Batch Control and Operations: DeltaV Batch is based on the ISA 88.01 batch standard – providing flexibility for agile manufacturing to meet real-time demands

Historians: The DeltaV family of continuous, batch, and event historians are fully integrated with the control system for robust performance, simple installation, and easy maintenance

Simulation Suite: The DeltaV Simulate Suite of products provides an “offline” DeltaV system for software testing, system development, operator training, and ongoing system maintenance and support



Process Simulation: Mynah’s Mimic provides Fast, Easy, Flexible Dynamic Simulation for Life-Cycle Business Results



Engineering: To provide unequalled ease of use and maintainability, DeltaV Engineering tools create an environment for fast, efficient project execution, robust process control, and unparalleled visibility to the process

DeltaV Workstations: DeltaV Workstations use specific computer hardware that is certified and tested with the DeltaV system to provide the robustness and performance you expect when deployed in a mission-critical process control system application

Controllers & I/O: The DeltaV system extends flexibility to fit your requirements by offering multiple types of I/O controller platforms

Data Integration: The DeltaV system provides a comprehensive integration platform to manage a range of plant data including data from field devices and from enterprise business systems

Virtualization: DeltaV Virtual Studio makes it easy to implement and maintain virtual DeltaV systems with an integrated virtualization environment designed specifically for process control

Optimize & Maintain


Advanced Control: DeltaV system’s Embedded Advanced Control provides a full array of applications to improve control performance and optimize process operations

Reliability: Insight into the performance of plant assets allows operators to make real-time adjustments to keep the plant running. By integrating machinery and field device diagnostics with the control system, operators have a holistic view of process conditions

Alarms: DeltaV alarm operations and analytic applications for operators and control engineers are compliant to the latest ISA-18.2 and EEMUA-191 standards for alarm management

Security and Network: The DeltaV system provides the products, features, and services to help ensure that your system network is both robust and secured. You do not need to be a network or security expert to design, implement, and maintain your DeltaV control system

Wireless Plant Network Solutions: As part of the Emerson Smart Wireless portfolio, the Wireless Plant Network solutions include business and operation applications such as Mobile Workforce, Field Data Backhaul, Control Network Bridge, People/Asset Tracking, and Video Monitoring

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