+ Dual-compartment
+ Industry-leading accuracy
+ Stability
+ Reliability
+ Most advanced diagnostics in its class

3144P Temperature Transmitter

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Rosemount Wireless Transmitters & Sensors

Wireless Product Line



Temperature Measurement

For over 50 years, Rosemount temperature products have been recognized for leadership in the process industry. As your trusted temperature partner, Emerson delivers factory-tested, ready-to-install temperature assemblies. With our industry leading portfolio of transmitters, sensors and thermowells, we provide reliable solutions for your temperature applications.

Single Point Temperature Transmitters


Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter: Dual-compartment temperature transmitter with industry-leading accuracy, stability, reliability and the most advanced diagnostics in its class

Rosemount 648 Single-Point Wireless Temperature Transmitter:  Delivers unmatched reliability and performance over WirelessHART protocol

Rosemount 644 Temperature Transmitter with HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus or PROFIBUS:  Rail & Head Mount Transmitter that offers a reliable solution to any temperature & measurement need

Rosemount 248 Wireless Temperature Transmitter: The Rosemount 248 Wireless temperature transmitter fully integrates with any WirelessHART network

Rosemount 248 Temperature Transmitter: Head or Rail Mounted temperature transmitter with HART® Protocol is designed to meet common Single Point measurement application requirements

High Density Multipoint Temperature Transmitters


Rosemount 848T FOUNDATION fieldbus Temperature Transmitter:  Reduces the cost of a plant’s process control architecture by incorporating 8 transmitters into 1

Rosemount 848T Wireless Temperature Transmitter:  Fully compatible with the WirelessHART network, the Rosemount 848T Wireless temperature transmitter provides rich diagnostic data by incorporating 4 transmitters into 1

RTD & Thermocouple Temperature Sensors


Rosemount RTD Sensors: Rosemount RTD sensors lead the industry in quality of construction and reliability

Rosemount Thermocouples:  With a broad offering of thermocouples, Rosemount provides a quality temperature measurement solution

Comprehensive Selection of Thermowells


Rosemount Thermowells:  Rosemount supplies a large selection of standalone barstock thermowell designs: stepped, straight, tapered, flanged, and threaded, in over 30 different material options

Multipoint, High Temperature & Non-Intrusive Sensors


Rosemount Pipe Clamp Sensor:  provides accurate, reliable, and stable surface temperature measurements

Rosemount 1075 & 1099 High Temperature Sensor:  Ideal for high temperature application

Rosemount Sapphire High Pressure Temperature Sensor:  excels in gasification, sulfur recovery and other high temperature processes

Rosemount 1080 & 1082 Multipoint Thermocouple & Temperature Sensor:  Reduce cost, time, and maintenance using only one insertion point in process

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