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Smart Wireless Tank Gauging

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5900S 2-in-1 Redundancy Radar Level Gauge

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Tank Gauging

Secure efficient operations, reduce risk and minimize measurement uncertainty with the scalable and open architecture Rosemount Tank Gauging System. Get complete tank storage information in one fully integrated system.

Inventory & Custody Transfer Systems


Rosemount 5900S Radar Level Gauge: Get highest performance and innovative design with 5900S. Measure with ±0.5 mm custody transfer accuracy, 2-in-1 redundancy, and achieve up to SIL 3 safety

Rosemount 5900C Radar Level Gauge: This reliable gauge with ±3 mm accuracy is certified SIL 2 capable. It has non-contact design reducing maintenance costs in a wide range of inventory management applications

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Multi-Input Temperature Transmitters


Rosemount 2240S Multi-input Temperature Transmitter: Approved for demanding custody transfer applications, which require very accurate level and temperature measurements for net standard volume calculations

Rosemount 565/566 Multiple Spot or Average Temperature Sensor: Up to 16 spot elements, placed at different heights, provide a tank temperature profile and average temperature. The sensor can be integrated with a water level sensor The 566 cryogenic version is used for LNG applications

Rosemount 765 Multiple Spot Temperature and Water Level Sensor: Used to determine the water content in a tank. At the bottom of an oil storage tank where there is water and by measuring the water level it is possible to calculate the correct product volume in the tank

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Non-Contacting LNG Tank Radar


Rosemount 5900S Radar Level Gauge: Measure the LNG level without any physical contact with the LNG surface, and without the need for inside-tank components that require service

Rosemount LNG Tank Radar Brochure

Terminal Automation & Logistics Software


Rosemount TankMaster Inventory Management Software: TankMaster is a powerful easy-to-use Windows-based inventory management software package. It provides configuration, service, setup, inventory and custody transfer functions for Rosemount tank gauging system

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