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Flow, Density & Viscosity Measurement

Emerson Process Management, the undisputed leader of industrial instrumentation, proudly provides the broadest array of measurement products for flow applications. We leverage years of industry knowledge and experience to offer increased plant efficiency and safety at lower installed cost.

Coriolis Flow & Density Sensors


Micro Motion ELITE Peak Performance Coriolis Flow and Density Meters: Provides unmatched flow and density measurement performance in your most complex and challenging liquid, gas, and slurry applications

Micro Motion F-Series High-Performance, Compact Drainable Coriolis Flow and Density Meters: Intended for highly accurate mass volume flow and density measurement in applications that require a compact, drainable design

Micro Motion H-Series Hygienic Compact Drainable Coriolis Flow and Density Meters: Highly accurate mass flow, volume flow, and density measurement in a compact, drainable and cleanable design

Micro Motion R-Series General Purpose Coriolis Flow and Density Meters: Simple and reliable, used to obtain basic flow and density measurement while benefiting from the fundamental advantages of Coriolis flowmeter technology

Micro Motion T-Series Straight Tube Full-bore Coriolis Flow and Density Meters: Features all titanium wetted parts for corrosion resistance and offer superior flow measurement in a straight-tube, full-bore meter design

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Coriolis Flow & Density Transmitters


Micro Motion Model 5700 Advanced Field-Mount Transmitter: Full-featured, field-mount devices that deliver increased confidence in flow measurement with their advanced capabilities in meter verification, process data handling and entrained gas alerts

Micro Motion Model 1700 and 2700 Versatile Field and Integral Mount Transmitter: Powered by MVD Technology and designed for compact integral mounting, or to easily mount on a wall or pipe stand.

Micro Motion Model 3500 and 3700 Controller and Transmitter: The Micro Motion Series 3000 electronics combine Coriolis transmitter functions and PLC capabilities in one instrument.

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Gas Density & Gas Specific Gravity Meters


Micro Motion Gas Density & Gas Specific Gravity Meters: The new industry standard for direct measurement of gas density, gas specific gravity, molecular weight, relative density, Calorific Value/BTU and Wobbe Index

Micro Motion Liquid Density & Concentration Meters: Available in 2 formats — highly accurate vibrating tubes or flexible direct insertion vibrating forks. These meters are built to tackle the most demanding of fiscal, custody transfer and process applications

Micro Motion Liquid Viscosity Meters: Innovative multi-variable direct insertion fork viscosity meters measure viscosity, density and temperature. They are ideal for the online process control of refined oils and heavy fuel oil (HFO).

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Magnetic Flow Meters


Rosemount 8705 Flanged Sensors: A wide range of sizes and materials to meet all of your magnetic flowmeter needs

Rosemount 8711 Wafer Sensor: The flangeless design of the Rosemount Wafer Sensor makes it an economical, compact, and lightweight alternative to flanged magnetic flowmeters

Rosemount 8750W Magnetic Flowmeter for Utility Water Applications: Performance, reliability and intelligent diagnostics make Rosemount Flowmeters the superior solution designed specifically for utility flow measurement

Rosemount 8721 Hygienic Sensor and Sanitary Flowmeter: The Rosemount Hygienic Sensor is designed specifically for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications that require a reliable, safe, and hygienic design.

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Vortex Flowmeters


Rosemount 8800D Series Vortex Flowmeters: Eliminates potential leaks and achieves better measurement practices

Rosemount 8800 MultiVariable™ Vortex Flowmeter: Combine your temperature and flow devices into a single highly accurate instrument

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Ultrasonic Flow Meters


Daniel SeniorSonic 3414 Four-Path Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter: Designed for custody transfer applications, this next-generation four-path ultrasonic meter retains the field-proven SeniorSonic chordal meter design

Daniel 3814 Four-Path Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meter: Offers exceptional linearity throughout the flow range to minimize lost and unaccounted for product

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Differential Pressure Flow Meters


Rosemount Annubar Flowmeters and Primary Elements: The patented shape of the Annubar primary element offers best-in-class Flowmeter performance, flexibility and reliability

Rosemount Conditioning Orifice Flowmeters & Primary Elements: Rosemount’s Conditioning Orifice Flowmeters deliver unprecedented performance and eliminates the need for long straight pipe runs

Rosemount Integral Orifice Flowmeters and Primary Elements: Highly accurate measurement in small line sizes (1/2in to 1-1/2in) by easing installation and eliminating sources of error

Rosemount Compact Orifice Flowmeters: Easily install between existing flanges for reliable and accurate flow measurement for gas, liquid and steam applications

Rosemount Orifice Plate Primary Elements and Flange Unions: Rosemount’s portfolio of standard orifice products comply with all applicable standards and are manufactured with a high level of quality

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