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Fisher® DMA/AF HTC Desuperheaters

Maintaining Steam Temperatures to
within 6℃ of Saturation Temperatures

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Fisher® TBX Steam Conditioning Valve

Quickly Adapts to Turbine Trips Achieving
Optimal Mixing & Quick Vaporization



Steam Conditioning

Today there is an ever-increasing need for steam at specific temperatures and pressures. Significant improvements have been made to increase operational thermal efficiency and heat rates by the precise and coordinated control of the temperature, pressure, and quality of the steam. The sizing, selection, application, and installation of the proper desuperheating or steam conditioning equipment are critical to optimum performance. By utilizing local application experts and experienced design engineers, Lakeside can deliver custom solutions for your specialized steam conditioning needs.

Pressure Reducing Valve




Fisher® easy-e™ ET: The Fisher E-body globe control valve family has industry leading technical features and can handle any challenging process condition. The rugged, field proven easy-e control valve continues to set the industry standard for dependability and longevity

Desuperheaters & Attemperators


Fisher® Interstage Attemporators: Fisher interstage attemporators are used in cycling service and service applications that have a significant difference in steam and water temperature

Fisher® Mechanically Atomized: Fisher DMA is a mechanically atomized desuperheater with single or multiple, fixed-geometry spray nozzles intended for a steam conditioning applications.

Fisher® Multi Nozzle Steam Cooler: Have multi nozzles producing fine spray for rapid vaporization. Can accommodate a silencer to decrease steam pressure energy.

Fisher® Steam Assisted Desuperheaters: Uses high-pressure steam for rapid and complete atomization of spraywater in low-velocity steam lines

Fisher® Variable Geometry Attemporator: Designed for applications requiring control over moderate load fluctuations and high thermal cycling

Fisher® Venturi Steam Conditioning Desuperheater: Injects spraywater in the outlet of the venturi section, assuring excellent mixing and rapid atomization

Turbine Bypass


A Turbine Bypass System is used to bypass steam around the turbine during steam turbine trip. The Fisher Steam Conditioning Valves were designed to handle the most severe applications with precise pressure and temperature control without sticking or binding

Fisher® TBX: TBX steam conditioning valves to reduce both steam pressure and temperature to enable daily cycling of a power plant

Fisher® Turbine Bypass Globe Valve: Combines pressure and temperature control for low pressure applications

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